Foreport was established in 1979. Head office in Taipei, specialized in import and export horticulture products including seeds, plants, bulbs as well as related material and equipment.

Besides service by technical people, we also have three nurseries in Taoyuan, Puli and Chin Jing to make trial for new varieties, produce seedling/rooted cutting and store bulbs and related material.

Our product including:

Cycas revoluta
Curcuma alisimatifolia
Lycoris aurea
Phaenopsis orchid
Pleione formosana
Radermachera sinica
Rhapis Excelsa
Tropical seeds and plants


bulbs, plants, seeds
2. related planting material: peat moss, substrate, fertilizer, flower food, leaf shine, drip & irrigation equipment and automatic agriculture project (i.e. sowing, transplanting, packing, potting ¡K etc. machinery)

Professional, responsible, effective are our character.

We have worked for certain worldwide well-known breeders and producers of related material as their exclusive agent to promote their products in Taiwan.
Moreover, we have contract growers to cooperate to export seeds, plants and bulbs produced in Taiwan.